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Sunandbass Festival 07.11.2019
#89 Flight With Chickaboo And Double O
We've not had a good jungle fix on the podcast for some time, so we hit up Flight to see if we could bag up and publish her set from the Friday of the festival. She has obliged! Alongside MC Chickaboo and Double O, it's not hard to put yourself back in that steaming gazebo stepping along to those l ...

Sunandbass Festival 07.11.2019
Gallery 2019
SUNANDBASS 2019 through the lenses of Leonie, Thiago, Carly and Nikolina.

Sunandbass Festival 25.10.2019
Reunion, Berlin
There's a Berlin Reunion just now! Make your way to Berlin on the 15th of November 2019 to join us for an extraordinary night at Ohm Club right underneath Tresor. And well, how can SUNANDBASS get more autumnally than with some mystically dark and dramatically melodic tunes from Klute and Doc Scott? ...

Sunandbass Festival 25.10.2019
After Movie

Sunandbass Festival 18.10.2019
#88 Total Science & Gq
As the temperature starts to dip across Sardinia and beyond, we've decided to spend the coming months bringing you back to the warm bosom of San Teodoro by showcasing some of our favourite recordings from this years festival. Kicking us off are legends of the game - Total Science & GQ - who rip ...

Sunandbass Festival 03.09.2019
# 87 Unglued
It's the man who did the unthinkable and braved remixing one of the most well known D&B tracks of all time....and came out stomping. The return of Unglued to the Island is a hugely welcome one, and we have the pleasure of him giving us a taste of what's to come next week through this brilliant ...

Sunandbass Festival 02.09.2019
Full Programme
Click on below image for a view of the full week programme! The programme will be included in our printed SUNANDBASS magazine which can be picked up on-site. To keep you up-to-date, we recommend downloading the SUNANDBASS app (iOS/ Android).  

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