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Sunandbass Festival 01.06.2022
Sold Out In 2022
We sold out! So we all know now that SUNANDBASS 2022 will be a grand reunion! Thank you for your trust, passion and love! In late August, we'll release the lineup and program. Sign up for the newsletter for fresh news if you haven't already. Don't worry if you missed out on tickets: Register on THE ...

Sunandbass Festival 21.05.2022
Loyalty Presale 2022-terms And Conditions
ALLGEMEINE GESCHÄFTSBEDINGUNGEN Loyalty Presale 2022   (For the English translation of the Loyalty Presale terms and conditions, please scroll further.)   Für diejenigen, die bereits in den vergangenen Jahren regelmäßig zum SUNANDBASS Festival gekommen sind, bieten wir dieses Jahr einen be ...

Sunandbass Festival 21.05.2022
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Sunandbass Festival 18.05.2022
Sunandbass Ticket Sale 2022
Get ready: SUNANDBASS 2022 Ticket Sale starts on:  Wednesday, the 1st of JUNE 2022, 10 PM CEST  Get your tickets here:   From the 10th-17th of September 2022, we will finally return home to San Teodoro and Ambra Night and enjoy music for eight ...

Sunandbass Festival 06.05.2022
#121 - Artificial Intelligence
?The sun is back out and we're heading towards summer and the big return of SUNANDBASS 2022 this September. To celebrate it all, we're chuffed to have our May podcast from the one and only Artificial Intelligence. We're almost there, so kick back and enjoy until we can all dance together under the r ...

Sunandbass Festival 10.03.2022
Reminisce - Ep.8 Fez
A glass of dark red perfectly compliments Fez, who was already promoting drumandbass in Australia when it was still young in the UK. She explores the scene's diversity and how friendships are ultimately the essence of the SUNANDBASS experience; life is so much more enjoyable once we celebrate what p ...

Sunandbass Festival 04.03.2022
#120 - Sabrina
This month, we are thrilled to introduce SABRINA to our SUNANDBASS Podcast listeners. SABRINA has taken the electronic music world by storm, a true force of nature having burst onto the scene in late 2020. You might already have come across SABRINA through features by UKF, DJ Mag and Goldie shouting ...

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