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Sunandbass Festival 22.02.2022
Reminisce - Ep.7 Giorgio
Giorgio is starring in our seventh episode of Reminisce with Bailey. During the daytime you can find him working in tourism, but at night he will join as many SUNANDBASS club nights as possible! Just as we love all people participating in SUNANDBASS, Giorgio became friends helping out many of us on ...

Sunandbass Festival 04.02.2022
#119 - Hlz
This month's podcast is brought to you straight from the South of Italy by the one and only HLZ. A true veteran of dnb, HLZ career nearly hits every facet of the scene. Created using all manner of analog gear, full of exclusives, we hope you enjoy this vibrant mix as we settle into the year SUNANDB ...

Sunandbass Festival 07.01.2022
#118 - Wadjit
Let's go 2022! We're very excited to kick off this hopeful year with a podcast mix from Wadjit. We all know and love Wadjit, having seen her at SUNANDBASS many times now, she's put together the perfect little number to start of the weekend and the year SUNANDBASS · SUNANDBASS Podcast #118 - Wadjit ...

Sunandbass Festival 30.12.2021
10 - 17 September 2022
Save the Date! 10-17. September 2022 It brings us enormous joy to write these words (which we have not wrote in 2 years) we will celebrate our 17th edition of SUNANDBASS. It's been long since we have gathered together and made our DNB pilgrimage to San Teodoro, so we have a lot to talk about when we ...

Sunandbass Festival 03.12.2021
#117 - Riya
And so, we have the final podcast mix of 2021, and who better to end the year than Riya!? Forget about getting into the Christmas spirit, this mix will get us into the SUNANDBASS 2022 spirit! Keep an ear out for Riya's latest track Blame, taken from her new EP of the same name as well as some other ...

Sunandbass Festival 26.11.2021
Reminisce Ep.6 -
Chris.SU is one of the few veteran DJs with almost attending all editions of SUNANDBASS and strongly influence its sound and soul from the inception till today. His special memory reveals our true spirit which made even the RAINANDBASS edition shine. As always, big thanks to our host Bailey  S.P.Y. ...

Sunandbass Festival 12.11.2021
Reminisce Ep.5 - Mc Fats
Memory Lane brings us back to an inspiring moment in 2015 when MC Fats returned to SUNANDBASS after his treatments. To welcome him back, he found us all lined up smiling. Through our shared love of this music and experiencing life together, this long-lasting bond has grown between us and you know, t ...

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