Sunandbass Ticket Sale 2022

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Get ready: SUNANDBASS 2022 Ticket Sale starts on:
? Wednesday, the 1st of JUNE 2022, 10 PM CEST ?

Get your tickets here:


From the 10th-17th of September 2022, we will finally return home to San Teodoro and Ambra Night and enjoy music for eight nights and days.

Curious to find out how you are! The Beach calls for a coffee with the splendid Tavolara view and the tastebuds long to try the Sardinian food around town. Soaked with Vitamin D, we're ready to stage the next SUNANDBASS edition, keen to listen to all this fresh drum and bass music at Ambra Night. And we'll do all of this as usual for a whole week surrounded by friends, family, ocean air and dance through starry night concerts! Be aware, some locations and partners have changed, however, the locals are exctatic about our return, and overwhelmingly happy they made sure it is all set up in style!

We cannot wait to be back again and guarantee that it will be an overly emotional celebration!

SUNANDBASS 2022 Ticket Pre-Sale starts on the 1st of JUNE 2022, 10 PM CEST.

Mark the ticket sale start, here international times for your convenience:

  • Central European Summer Time: 22:00
  • New York: 16:00
  • United Kingdom: 21:00
  • Sydney: 06:00

There will be two types of SUNANDBASS tickets for sale on a first-come, first-serve basis:

  • Full Week Pass at Eur269

  • Single Night Tickets at Eur39 (very limited amount)

For the best experience, it is advantageous to make sure you are all set up when TheTICKETFairy comes to visit you.
Find our tips and tricks collection of what to do in advance here:

  • Log in to your TheTICKETFairy account

  • Check your method of payment is still valid

  • Collect your friends' data for a group booking and put them in a note to copy and paste.

    You can purchase up to six passes to ensure the whole group of friends gets tickets. You'll need each participant's name, surname, and date of birth. By adding the ticket holder's mail address, they'll get the confirmation directly.

  • Check our 2022 General Terms and Conditions here.
  • Purchase Single Night Tickets one night at a time. For different nights, repeat the booking process.

  • Special tip from TheTICKETFairy: If you see "All Tickets in Carts", other buyers got there before you. Then, refresh and keep trying to get hold of tickets, as some might not complete their purchases. Only once the page shows "Sold Out", all available tickets have been successfully purchased.

You can "resell the ticket" to a designated person or at the batch sale end of July through the magnificent TheTICKETFairy system, but this comes with a small charge.

Drop a mail at for any inquiry and check our FAQ.

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