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Sunandbass Festival 05.11.2021
#116 - Alite
November already and another month closer to SUNANDBASS 2022! This month's podcast is someone who represents the true spirit of SUNANDBASS, and she also recorded this mix live using only vinyl so you can enjoy the classic beauty of dnb right here. Very happy to have Alite back for our November podca ...

Sunandbass Festival 15.10.2021
Reminisce - Ep.4 Jules Rhein
Take this opportunity to meet our charming Jules! She always wished to dance to DNB at Ambra Night way before her dreams became reality. Embracing a core concept of SUNANDBASS, she brought her family to join us, and she made a tough decision to join us every club night instead of risking SUNANDBASS ...

Sunandbass Festival 06.10.2021
Reminisce - Ep.3 Sweetpea
Get ready to find out who produced Sweetpea's back-in-paradise track and which night at Ambra Night changed her forever. And most importantly...hear one more case for why artists should always have their usb-flash-drive ready! Sweetpea has been on SUNANDBASS" stage, panel discussion and on our danc ...

Sunandbass Festival 01.10.2021
#115 - Rizzle
Perhaps a new name for you, but one you should definitely know! We're happy to have Rizzle providing us with this dark, sci-fi mix for our October podcast. Rizzle is continuously on the rise, from cutting his teeth on local label Wrec Records to consistently bringing the goods on established labels ...

Sunandbass Festival 24.09.2021
Reminisce - Ep.2 Brian Belle-fortune
Reminisce Hosted by DJ Bailey - Ep.2 Brian Belle-Fortune Brian Belle-Fortune, the author of "All Crews", chats with DJ Bailey about which tune fills his junglists' heart with the right excitement for a La Cinta Beach show and how the drilling sound of Odyssey by Drum sound & Bassline Smith provi ...

Sunandbass Festival 13.09.2021
Thanks For 2021, Here's To 2022
Growing up, some of the precious gifts I received from my family was the key to imagining a happy, healthy and peaceful world. I learned that we are different yet equal and how we interact and cooperate is the key to building a community. The more we participate, the more we connect, the more we are ...

Sunandbass Festival 10.09.2021
Reminisce Hosted By Dj Bailey - Ep.1 John B
September has arrived and yet all we can do is dream of the blue Sardinian skies and sea-surfing basslines. The music and memories we have created collectively will linger in our hearts this September as we wait for our big return. After all, our bond has been forged over a shared love of this music ...

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