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Sunandbass Festival 01.03.2024
#143 - Motiv
Next up, hailing from the talent hotbed of Manchester, we have Motiv. You're going to like this one! P.S. Who made it to Global Beats last week in Berlin? Did you catch some familiar SUNANDBASS faces? ?   SUNANDBASS · SUNANDBASS Podcast #143 - Motiv

Sunandbass Festival 02.02.2024
#142 - Channell
We made it through January and brighter days are ahead ?? This month, we have Channell, a name that resonates with the essence of deep, soul-driven dance music. Often flying under the radar, Channell is not one to be underestimated. Tune in as he guides us out of the depths of winter and one step cl ...

Sunandbass Festival 12.01.2024
#141 -
We hope you had a good start to 2024 and that you're just as excited as us for SUNANDBASS XX 7 - 14 September. Kicking off the podcasting duties this year is SUNANDBASS veteran, friendly face and commanding DJ/producer - Chris.SU. SUNANDBASS · SUNANDBASS Podcast #141 - Chris:SU Instagram: https:/ ...

Sunandbass Festival 01.12.2023
#140 - Zar
And here we are, at the end of another year! It's been such a joy sharing yet another incredible edition of SUNANDBASS with all of you. We really hope you've also enjoyed the amazing SUNANDBASS Recordings releases we've had throughout this year as much as we have. Don't forget, we're gearing up to r ...

Sunandbass Festival 14.11.2023
Arpxp - Laws Of Chance Lp
We are happy to announce our next Recordings release for 2023 out Nov 24th. For the last two decades, ArpXP has maintained a discreet but very active presence in the drum'n'bass scene. As both a DJ and producer, a graphic designer for prominent labels in the scene, ArpXP also plays a pivotal role ca ...

Sunandbass Festival 07.11.2023
#139 - Sub:liminal
Next up, our monthly podcast mix, this time round crafted by emerging Romanian producer Sub:liminal. Although relatively new to the scene, Sub:liminal has been turning heads since his debut tracks hit the airwaves in 2020. We invite you to savour the delightful 60-minute sonic journey he has meticul ...

Sunandbass Festival 06.10.2023
#138 - Level 2
What a month! Thank you to all who came and spread the love throughout wonderful San Teodoro. Onwards we go into our hibernation where we will quietly plan and prepare for our next gathering! To keep us going until then, we have a treat for you all the way from Brazil: Level 2. We hope you enjoy SU ...

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