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Roadburn Festival 11.04.2024
Roadburn 2024: The A-z
We're putting the finishing touches to some special things behind the scenes and we can't wait to see you all next week.  Before you make your way to Tilburg, we have some info to share with you that should help your transition to Planet Roadburn go smoothly. As always we've put together an A-Z with ...

Roadburn Festival 10.04.2024
The Roadburn 2024 Merchandise
We are proud to unveil the Roadburn merchandise for 2024, designed by Førtifem. People have been asking if they would be involved since the moment they graced the first 2024 announcement poster, and it is so fitting to have Adrien and Jesse stunning designs emphasizing the community feel of the fest ...

Roadburn Festival 10.04.2024
Broeder Dieleman Replaces John Francis Flynn
We're sad to announce that John Francis Flynn has had to withdraw from playing Roadburn due to a medical issue. As per his management: "John is unable to perform at Roadburn due to a serious, ongoing issue with his back. He has been advised not to travel. John is gutted to be missing more concerts ...

Roadburn Festival 09.04.2024
Ns 16 - Førtifem & David Fitt
Just across the street from the Koepelhal venues is the NS16 which this year will be hosting exhibitions from our official festival artist, David Fitt, as well as his fellow French creatives, Fortifem.  This little oasis of creativity will highlight exactly why David's work caught our eye and why he ...

Roadburn Festival 08.04.2024
Introducing: The Workshop
A new space for 2024 will host a clutch of talented and influential artists who will be showcasing and selling their work for eager Roadburners throughout the four days of the festival. This is your opportunity to meet the wonderful folk behind some stunning artworks.  Fortifem will be exhibiting ...

Roadburn Festival 05.04.2024
Live Premiere: Focus Defocus From Jegong
You are cordially invited to join the live debut of JeGong as they celebrate their continuing creative union as it comes full circle at this year's edition of Roadburn. We're thrilled to debut a live video of "Focus Defocus', taken from JeGong's album "The Complex Inbetween'. See you in Hall of Fame ...

Roadburn Festival 03.04.2024
013 Exhibition: Nona Limmen
As always, Roadburn shows the works of talented visual artists throughout the festival site. The thrilling exhibition "Where Shadows Grow" by Nona Limmen will be hung throughout the 013 venue, highlighting her dreamlike and thought-provoking images that explore ideas of mythology, symbolism, the oc ...

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