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Freak Valley Festival 19.06.2019
Line-up And Running Order -change !
Hi Freaks, we are ready for you!!! We have to announce some changes in the running order: Sadly The Obsessed canceled their tour. We tried everything to find a replacement - and yeah - the three-headed rock monster DeWolff from the netherlands will provide their wild and psychedelic sixties Blues ...

Freak Valley Festival 10.06.2019
Wdr Rockpalast@ Fvf 2019
Hi Freaks, wir freuen uns dieses Jahr besondere Gäste auf unserem FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL begrüßen zu dürfen: Den WDR Rockpalast. Unter dem Namen Rockpalast hatte es bereits 1974 einzelne Konzerte gegeben, doc ...

Freak Valley Festival 10.06.2019
Here We Go: The Running Order!
Hi Freaks! Here is the schedule. Enjoy. FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL is waiting for you. Your Rock Freaks

Freak Valley Festival 10.06.2019
Freaks! Please Welcome Raketkanon!
We're nearly there. Can you feel it in your freaky bones? Can you smell the freakery burning in the air? In just a couple weeks' time, you'll be back in Netphen where you belong for FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL 2019. The last-minute preparations are underway, and you can expect the best edition of the fest ...

Freak Valley Festival 12.04.2019
Freaks! The Final Lineup Announcement For Fvf'19
Freaks! This is it -- the last lineup announcement for FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL 2019, and it's a MONSTER. In grand finale fashion, we're doing an absolute blowout to finish out the three-day lineup for this year's fest, and we're continuing to add more and diverse acts from across a broad spectr ...

Freak Valley Festival 14.02.2019
Freaks, Assemble! More Bands For Fvf 2019
Gather "round the fires burning the dystopian fuel of your bygone expectations bear witness to another massive Freak Valley Festival 2019 lineup announcement! It. Is. Substantial. And we are accordingly substantially thrilled to bring to it to you.First, it is with regret we inform you that Harsh To ...

Freak Valley Festival 18.01.2019
Happy New Year, Freaks!
New year means new additions to the lineup for FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL 2019. We're counting down the months, weeks, days, hours, until we can all party in Netphen and we all know it's going to be a blast. You obviously know or the fest wouldn't be TOTALLY SOLD OUT as it is.Well, as much as we'd like t ...

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