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Freak Valley Festival 28.05.2018
Hi Freaks
    Doors: Wednesday: 18:00 Doors: Thursday: 13:00 Friday + Saturday: 11:00   The bands on Wednesday will play on the Campstage on the sportsground by the camingsite. Doors will be 18:00. First band at 19:00.   Like at the normal festival ground you can only pay with the chip system. Wrist ...

Freak Valley Festival 15.05.2018
This Is It, Freaks!
It's been a long road, but we've finally reached the last band for the bill at FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL 2018, and it couldn't possibly be more special to us.Please welcome THE FLYING EYES to the lineup!The Baltimore, Maryland, nomads are no strangers to those who dwell in Freak Valley after multiple Eu ...

Freak Valley Festival 08.05.2018
Freaky Friends!
We're coming down to the freaky wire on this year's FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL lineup and we know it. There are FIVE bands left to add to the bill and today we're going to give you four. Every year of Freak Valley is special, but we're extra proud of Freak Valley 2018 and can't wait to welcome you all in ...

Freak Valley Festival 17.04.2018
Gather "round, Freaks!
  Short update this time, but it's about quality not quantity and you know we're all about bringing you both. Wait what? Doesn't matter, stay focused. The point is we've got three new bands to add to the lineup for Freak Valley 2018 and we think they are going to bring something really excellen ...

Freak Valley Festival 23.03.2018
Freaks, Assemble!
Gather "round - it's time for the next round of adds to our already-sold-out, already-massive 2018 incarnation of FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL! It's got legends with ancient dreams and upstarts with tales of red rains, but before we dive in, we'd like to personally thank each and every one of you for makin ...

Freak Valley Festival 23.02.2018
Freaks, Gather!
The time is coming ever closer, and we've already announced so many killer acts from OM and Yuri Gagarin to Russian Circles, Nap, and Year of the Cobra. We could not possibly be prouder of the fact that Freak Valley 2018 is already sold out, and we thank you so much for your support both this year a ...

Freak Valley Festival 29.01.2018
We've been working like mad to put together the best festival possible this year and all you have to do to see that is take a gander at the list of names below. There's a little something for everyone this time around, so let's get to it!Please welcome Sumac, Mars Red Sky, Sacri Monti, Lucifer, Purp ...

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