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The Great Escape 04.06.2024
Aggrasoppar Are The Winners Of The Steve Strange Award 2024
We are delighted to announce that Faroese experimental rap-punk band Aggrasoppar are the recipient of the 2024 Steve Strange Award, winning a cash prize of £5,000. The Steve Strange Award, which takes place annually, was launched in 2022 in honour of the late live agent and co-founder of X-Ray Touri ...

The Great Escape 09.05.2024
The Spanish Wave At The Great Escape
We are delighted to share the full programme for this year's lead country partner lead by The Spanish Wave Lala Hayden - aka Laura Hayden, former Anteros frontwoman - will be appearing alongside other acts such as R&B powerhouse Eva Ruiz and raucous quintet The Gulps. You will also find performa ...

The Great Escape 05.05.2024
The Alternative Escape 2024
Discover The Alternative Escape: Brighton's Underground Music Showcase The Alternative Escape is an integral part of The Great Escape festival, featuring over 150 artists, many of whom are based in Brighton. It serves as a platform for emerging talents and independent promoters to showcase their wor ...

The Great Escape 23.04.2024
The Full Conference Line-up And Schedule Is Here
We're excited to announce the schedule for our newly revamped music industry conference. Among the new speakers and sessions announced with the schedule are industry icons such as Colin Newman and Malka Spigel-Newman of Wire fame, Dotty - Host of "The Dotty Show' on Apple Music 1 & Lead Cultural ...

The Great Escape 18.04.2024
The Tge24 Festival Schedule Is Here
The full festival schedule for TGE24 has arrived! The best way to view it and plan out your festival is on our 2024 mobile app. The TGE app will keep you up to date with any schedule changes and will display venue capacities so you know where the current busiest spots are! On the schedule you will s ...

The Great Escape 08.04.2024
150 New Artists Announced For Tge24
TGE24 keeps getting bigger with 150 more artists announced including Kenya Grace, HiTech, Ife Ogunjobi, Cykada and loads more of the hottest new acts around joining us in Brighton this May! The Great Escape will take place in Brighton this May 15th - 18th. Grab yours HERE to join us for an unmissabl ...

The Great Escape 03.04.2024
Spanish Artists Announced Plus Tge Madrid
We are delighted to unveil eight incredible artists from Spain, our lead country partner, announced for the 2024 line-up, boasting the breadth of the country's diverse and exciting new music scene. The new line-up additions include melancholic post-punk artist and producer Depresión Sonora, soulful ...

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