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The Great Escape 15.11.2023
The Revamped Tge Conference
Today we're very excited to announce the revamp of our famous music industry conference. The event is bringing onboard new collaborators from across the industry to shape and elevate its programming. The Council of Music Makers host Thursday 16 May, with the Night Time Industries Association on Frid ...

The Great Escape 15.11.2023
Spain Are Our Lead Country Partner For 2024
We're delighted to announce that Spain will be joining us at TGE24 as our lead country partner! Led by The Spanish Wave, they will present a full programme with two showcases, panels on the Spanish music industry and industry receptions. Sila Lua, a Galician-born artist creating dance music with an ...

The Great Escape 15.11.2023
Audioactive Are Our Lead Charity Partner For 2024
We are thrilled to announce AudioActive as our new lead charity partner for TGE234. Making Music, Changing Lives! AudioActive have been providing a safe space for young people to make music, explore their artistry, while looking after their wellbeing since 1999. ?After establishing a strong presence ...

The Great Escape 15.11.2023
Bimm Are Back As Lead Education Partner For 2024
Once again The Great Escape will be collaborating with BIMM at next year's festival! The leading music school returns for TGE24 as the Lead Education Partner. Stand by for some exciting announcements coming soon about the collaboration between TGE and BIMM at The Great Escape 2024... About BIMM Inst ...

The Great Escape 08.11.2023
Set Times Released For First Fifty
It's the moment we've all been waiting for! The countdown is officially on, and in just one week, FIRST FIFTY will kick off in the heart of East London. The set times for our eight epic venues are finally here, head to our FIRST FIFTY page to plan your night now. Final tickets are still available, b ...

The Great Escape 01.11.2023
Two Weeks To Go
Wednesday 15th November  Come down for a night of new music! Bolster the underground scene in the best venues East London has to offer and have a taste of the full The Great Escape 2024 line up. We work alongside our iconic partners to showcase the freshest and most exciting talent around.  You can ...

The Great Escape 16.10.2023
Listen To Our Tge 2024 First Fifty Playlist!
Take a deep dive into The Great Escape's FIRST FIFTY roster by listening to our 2024 Spotify Playlist. Discover the top tracks from all the artists playing our FIRST FIFTY live launch in East London on November 15th and get your place at these special preview shows booked asap. We can't wait to see ...

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