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Burning Mountain Festival 29.02.2024
Uhu Deco
The crew from northern Germany are experienced carpenters and woodworkers and are creating immersive wooden thematic stages. They will take over our mainstage for the second time in 2024. Great guys, great work, great spirit. Check them out:

Burning Mountain Festival 22.12.2023
Dion Van De Wal

Burning Mountain Festival 22.12.2023
Willow The Wispa
Willow the Wispa from the UK will be joining us again to paint for this year's 2024 edition. She is a female UK street artist that has been painting for 3 years now, and paints graffiti letters and also characters. She loves to paint and will always paint at any opportunity when she can! Wispa had a ...

Burning Mountain Festival 04.10.2023
The Spiritual Significance Of Dragons
The world of psytrance festivals is a kaleidoscope of colors, sounds, and symbols. Among the most captivating and recurrent symbols in this vibrant subculture is the dragon. But why is this mythical creature so deeply intertwined with the psytrance scene? To understand this, we must delve into the s ...

Burning Mountain Festival 28.09.2023
Burning Mountain Festival Survey 2023 Results
Dear friends of good music, we are happy to present some results of our 2023 Burning Mountain Festival Survey! To kick things off, the survey got 535 replies, of which 51,6 were female, 47,8% were male, and 0.2% were non-binary. From Europe to America and beyond, here are the countries that YOU, ...

Burning Mountain Festival 25.09.2023
Art Theme 2024: The Dragon's Tale
In the heart of the stunning Engadin Valley, beneath the watchful gaze of the Swiss Alps, lies the tranquil village of Zernez. As the sun sets over the picturesque landscapes, anticipation rises among both locals and travelers alike for the annual Burning Mountain Festival. This year's theme promise ...

Burning Mountain Festival 05.09.2023
Announcing Presale Date For 2024
? Burning Mountain 2024 Pre-Sale Alert ? Hey Cosmic Wanderers, Starship Astronauts, and Sacred Geometry Enthusiasts! Get your third eyes focused and your chakras aligned because we've got news hotter than a solar flare! The universe has spoken, and it said, "Duuuude, presale for Burning Mountain ...

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