The Alternative Escape 2024

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Discover The Alternative Escape: Brighton's Underground Music Showcase

The Alternative Escape is an integral part of The Great Escape festival, featuring over 150 artists, many of whom are based in Brighton. It serves as a platform for emerging talents and independent promoters to showcase their work alongside the main festival program.

Unlike its counterpart, The Great Escape, where the lineup is curated by organizers, The Alternative Escape allows promoters and labels to create their own showcases. The festival provides venues, sound equipment, and support to ensure the success of these shows.

Venues for The Alternative Escape are chosen based on their flexibility to accommodate a variety of musical genres. The festival aims to showcase a diverse range of artists, from intimate acoustic sets to high-energy performances.

Keeping the event free is a deliberate choice to support unsigned and emerging artists. By removing financial barriers, The Alternative Escape ensures that talent, not ticket prices, takes precedence.

As The Alternative Escape continues to grow, its focus remains on providing a platform for emerging artists and promoters to thrive within Brighton's vibrant music scene.

The Alternative Escape was created due to the huge demand from labels and promoters to be involved with The Great Escape. With there only being limited space in the core programme, The Alternative Escape was created by the TGE organisers as an umbrella for additional showcases to participate in the festival.

To see the line up and schedule for this years Alternative Escape download the free TGE mobile app.

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