The Tge24 Festival Schedule Is Here

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The full festival schedule for TGE24 has arrived! The best way to view it and plan out your festival is on our 2024 mobile app.

The TGE app will keep you up to date with any schedule changes and will display venue capacities so you know where the current busiest spots are!

On the schedule you will see a huge number of incredible showcases from the likes of BBC Asian Network, BBC 6 Music, BBC 1Xtra, Notion, DIY, The Spanish Wave, Royal Albert Hall, Marshall, The Independent, Gay Times, Download Festival and many more.

Hit the links below to download The Great Escape app on either iPhone or Android.

To download the iOs app CLICK HERE

To download the Android app CLICK HERE

Not got your tickets yet for TGE24? Click HERE to snap them up NOW!

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