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Prog Power 29.02.2024
6th Band: Terra
Rhythmic, alternative and tribal metal, are just some terms to describe the metal that TERRA plays. But as always "hear for yourself" and you will understand why we were eager to add this Italian band to our line-up! Better yet, "See and hear for yourself" at ProgPower Europe 2024! More informat ...

Prog Power 21.02.2024
5th Band: Apotheus
The Portuguese band APOTHEUS certainly has a story to tell, their latest album, Ergo Atlas, is a continuation of the story that started with The Far Star. Today we can add another chapter to the story of the band, as we are delighted to announce that Apotheus will be playing ProgPower Europe 2024! ...

Prog Power 15.02.2024
4th Band: The Anchoret
We think the album , "It All Began With Loneliness!" was one of the best debut albums of 2023. And it appears that we were not the only ones to think that. So when a band makes that much of a splash, of course we would like to see them on our stage. So we are proud to announce that The Anchoret "s ...

Prog Power 10.02.2024
Full Live Performance Ihlo @ Pp2023
Het bericht Full live performance IHLO @ PP2023 verscheen eerst op ProgPower Europe.

Prog Power 09.02.2024
3rd Band: No Terror In The Bang
"There is No terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it." This of course is true for the suspense that Hitchcock directed. Is it true for this 6 piece band from Rouen, France? We are certainly looking forward in anticipation to their performance at ProgPower Europe 2024 but are also sure th ...

Prog Power 11.01.2024
Flashback Pp 2023
We have collected some reviews and photo pages of progPower Europe 2023. Check it out and enjoy a great feedback on last year's festival. Full flashback to ProgPower Europe 2023 Het bericht Flashback PP 2023 verscheen eerst op ProgPower Europe.

Prog Power 01.12.2023
Weekend Tickets On Sale!
Do you plan to visit ProgPower Europe 2024? Order your weekend tickets right away, you won't regret it. Or maybe you would like to surprise someone with a nice Christmas present? How cool is that. Go order your weekend tickets now. Het bericht Weekend tickets on sale! verscheen eerst op ProgP ...

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