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Prog Power 23.12.2021
5th Band: Green Carnation
Back on stage at ProgPower Europe, GREEN CARNATION from Norway. It has been over 15 years ago that GREEN CARNATION played at ProgPower Europe. Since then a lot has happened, luckily the band released an album in 2020 and a remastered version of Accoustic Verses earlier this month. About a week ago ...

Prog Power 21.12.2021
4th Band: Feather Mountain
Our 4th band also was already booked for ProgPower Europe 2020 and 2021, but both editions were cancelled as you all know. We are glad they are still on board, FEATHER MOUNTAIN from Denmark. In 2019 FEATHER MOUNTAIN released their album, "Nidus". In the scarce moments the band could be on stage, FEA ...

Prog Power 15.12.2021
3rd Band: Meer
From Norway As 3rd band we present you MEER, an eight-piece alternative pop orchestra from Hedmark, Norway. At the end of 2021 MEER"s album "Playing House' appeared in a lot of "best of" lists. We do not find that surprising: it is indeed a great album and the bands performance The Progspace Online ...

Prog Power 10.12.2021
2nd Band: Avandra
The second band announced for ProgPower Europe 2022: AVANDRA, the first band ever on stage at PP from Puerto Rico! So far the band released 3 albums and a new album is on its way. This new album will be released at PP Europe 2022, so you will be able to buy it from the band at first hand! Really lo ...

Prog Power 08.12.2021
1st Band: Mother Of Millions
The first band announced for ProgPower Europe 2022: MOTHER OF MILLIONS from Athens, Greece! So far the band has produced 3 albums, an EP is planned for release in the beginning of 2022. We are looking forward to that EP but more than that. On stage, Saturday October 1st, 18.30-19.30 hrs More informa ...

Prog Power 25.11.2021
Preperations Pp Europe 2022 Started
It's been a while since you have heard from us. We have to admit that due to Covid19, we lost some inspiration. And allthough the situation is not that good in The Netherlands at the moment, we are optmistic for next year. We hope to announce the first bands for ProgPower Europe 2022 next week. Of c ...

Prog Power 31.03.2021
Progpower Europe Postponed To 2022
We have decided to postpone ProgPower Europe once again. Although Covid-19 is still disrupting daily life in the Netherlands, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Nevertheless, it is not certain that our country will be Covid-free at the beginning of October and that we are able to welcome ...

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