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Static Roots Festival 18.01.2020
An Introduction To ... Treetop Flyers
For the love of music ... We'd love to introduce you to the music of London, UK, based band Treetop Flyers. This brilliant band captures the 60s Westcoast pop, adds a whole lot of soul, brilliant guitar playing, a phenomenal voice. Give them a listen and make them one of your new favourite band ...

Static Roots Festival 15.01.2020
Early-bird-tickets Sold Out!
Unbelievable Thanks for all your support and buying an early-bird-ticket. Within just nine days we sold all 200 early-bird-tickets - that's mental! The final 100 tickets will soon become available via AdTicket...

Static Roots Festival 13.01.2020
Jesse Dayton @ Static Roots Festival 2020
JESSE DAYTON With his mix of outlaw country and blues, rock'n'roll and some punkrock, we think Jesse Dayton from Beaumont, TX, USA, is a great addition to the line up of the Static Roots Festival 2020. ...

Static Roots Festival 12.01.2020
Treetop Flyers @ Static Roots Festival 2020
TREETOP FLYERS London-based soulful, country rock outfit Treetop Flyers weave blissful, sixties-tinged west coast Americana with a British rock 'n' roll swagger. Their fourth album comes out in the summer 2020 - right in time ...

Static Roots Festival 12.01.2020
"launched For All The Right Reasons" - Bucketfull Of Brains About Static Roots
Static Roots: The story of a festival Nick West (Bucketfull of Brains) with a great write-up about the Static Roots Festival: the (short history), a look back at the Static Roots Festival 2019, and a lookout at what's to come in 2020: "This is a story about a music festival in Germany that wa ...

Static Roots Festival 11.01.2020
Zachary Lucky @ Static Roots Festival 2020
Zachary Lucky "Another Canadian shows the Americans how to sing Americana." About The road is no stranger to Canadian cou ...

Static Roots Festival 11.01.2020
Evangeline Gentle @ Static Roots Festival 2020
Evangeline Gentle "...Gentle's incredible talent recalls the great Kathleen Edwards..." About Rich, sweet, and lush with ...

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