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The Great Escape 06.03.2013
Band Of The Day #412 - Sweet Baboo
Sweet Baboo is the pseudonym of Stephen Black, a singing and song-writing Welshman with a back catalogue of tunes to rival The Beatles'. His psychedelic country-folk draws influence from fellow Welshmen Super Furry Animals and The Beach Boys, while his wonky pop beats make him stackable next to the ...

The Great Escape 02.03.2013
Band Of The Day #411 - Fist City
Lethbridge, Canada is the unlikely prairie town that is home to the scrappy underground scene that has birthed bands such as The Ketamines and The Moby Dicks, and now it has finally made its mark on the proverbial map with its latest export, Fist City. Kier Griffiths leads the pack on vocals, as raz ...

The Great Escape 01.03.2013
Band Of The Day #410 - Del Barber
Del Barber is neither a cockney, nor a men's hairdresser, but a singer-songwriter from the deepest parts of Winnipeg, Canada. It's an honest mistake to make, considering his CV consists of various stints as a mountain guide, a janitor, a construction worker, a groundskeeper, a landscaper, a farmer, ...

The Great Escape 27.02.2013
Band Of The Day #409 - Royal Canoe
Royal Canoe "are a band armed with falsettos, guitars, effects pedals, drums, basses, tambourines, shakers and a six-keyboard super-weapon" according to their Facebook. As your ears twitch in anticipation, it's difficult to determine exactly what kind of musical madness is about to invade your audi ...

The Great Escape 26.02.2013
Exclusive Interview: To Kill A King
To Kill A King"s debut album was finally released into the world yesterday and here in TGE HQ it's been practically wearing out our speakers. "Cannibals with Cutlery" dances between gentle, acoustic-led tracks to bouncy pop numbers and into rousing, stadium-sized anthems, showing off every dimension ...

The Great Escape 26.02.2013
Band Of The Day #408 - Velociraptor
Describing themselves as "clever girls' (even though only 8.33% of the band are female), Velociraptor hold all the solutions to life's troubles on their Facebook page; for example, if you've "got bubble gum caught in your chest hair and had to shave it all off" you can now "hide your shame with (the ...

The Great Escape 26.02.2013
Band Of The Day #407 - Skaters
Contrary to popular belief, New York's new pop-punks Skaters don't actually skate. "It's a coordination thing", explains frontman Michael Ian Cummings. However the skills this three-piece lack in the skate park are more than made up for in musical talent. Rising from the ashes of Dead Trees, The P ...

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