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The Great Escape 22.02.2013
Band Of The Day #406 - Foam Lake
The story goes that Foam Lake chose the birthplace of their mother and resting place of their grandparents to use as their alias. The basement-born band is made up of four brothers who hail from deepest Canada. So that's the basics out of the way. More importantly is the sound these guys have bee ...

The Great Escape 21.02.2013
Band Of The Day #405 - Lab Coast
Lab Coast's first year as a band started as a self-proclaimed "ramshackle channelling of 90s junk-pop" - though this may conjure regrettable memories of Blink 182 concerts and the skater-grunge movement for some of us, the Canadian foursome have been quick to mature their sound into an unshakeably c ...

The Great Escape 20.02.2013
Band Of The Day #404 - Darkstar
Since their inception in 2007, electronica masters Darkstar have been dominating the non-genre of post-progressive dub-step pop, delivering eerily atmospheric tunes that have rightfully hailed them as the new Animal Collective. The London three-piece are just as cosmic as their name suggests. James ...

The Great Escape 20.02.2013
Artist Interview: Blaudzun
Following our announcement of the first bunch of wonderful artists set to play TGE13, we caught up with Dutch singer-songwriter, Blaudzun, to get to know him a little better. Here's what he had to say... Q. The name Blaudzun is derived from an old Danish cyclist. Tell us what, if anything, inspired ...

The Great Escape 20.02.2013
Video Premiere - Spectres
Spectres have been busy gearing up to play TGE13 and we are lucky enough to bring you the exclusive premiere of their brand new video! Spectres have produced a beast of a visual treat for "Rattle the Cage'. The Bristol band, who remain half-dressed throughout the piece, set up filming in freezing t ...

The Great Escape 20.02.2013
Band Of The Day #403 - To Kill A King
London five-piece To Kill A King have recently smashed into the proverbial limelight, following a sold out full UK tour supporting Bastille, the lads have been gaining more and more attention across the radio, social media and internet, especially after the release of their recent video to Cold Skin ...

The Great Escape 20.02.2013
Band Of The Day #402 - David Rodigan
Born on a military base in West Germany, it seems things have never been dull for the dancehall DJ who turns 62 this June. Spanning decades, the veteran DJ has been spinning his selection of reggae tunes on air for longer than a lot of us have been alive, he's worked across countless radio stations, ...

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