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Sunandbass Festival 10.02.2014
New Video - S10e02 "debut"
This episode of the SUNANDBASS video series features UK based producer duo Kiyoko. Joe McBride aka Synkro and Jack Lever aka Bering Strait are producing Downbeat/Ambient and released their first LP Sea of Trees on Auxiliary in 2012. We had the honor of hosting the first ever performance as Kiyoko du ...

Sunandbass Festival 30.12.2013
2014 Dates Confirmed
Block your diaries! We are thrilled to already announce the dates for 2014! We are looking very much forward to welcoming you in San Teodoro during the week of 6 to 13 September 2014. Further info on program, ticket sale, etc. will follow at a later stage.

Sunandbass Festival 30.12.2013
Sunandbass - '10 Years Selection' Out Now
On 16 December 2013 we released the official '10 years selection' album! This is the second full album release on SUNANDBASS recordings and we couldn't be more proud of the high class artists that contributed to this beautiful compilation. Check it out now on the SUNANDBASS store and various online ...

Sunandbass Festival 20.11.2013
Sunandbass Video Series (10 Years - S10e01)
Instead of dropping one SAB video as in the past we are changing the approach this year. There is just too much good footage so we are releasing various videos in a series every couple of weeks. From funny interviews and special moments to pure SUNANDBASS club vibes - for the 10 year edition we are ...

Sunandbass Festival 18.11.2013
Sunandbass Single "sardinia Remixed'
On Monday 18 November 2013 we are releasing SAB single "Sardinia Remixed'. Available as digital download in all major online stores and exclusive Vinyl release! The single contains Calibres take on beautiful "Winter on Sardinia" by ARP XP and a fantastic remix of Lynx & Kemos "How You Move Me" ...

Sunandbass Festival 18.11.2013
Exit Recordings Dj Sets
Check out the DJ sets of Exit night at this years event. Artists featured on the night include Dbridge, Skeptical, Synkro, Loxy and Double U, feat. Robert Manos, GQ and SP:MC. Download the mixes here.

Sunandbass Festival 21.10.2013
Thank You All!
The week has flown by and now that we are all back to life, back to reality, we would like to say a big thank you to all those that make SUNANDBASS possible: All the SAB crew for their effort and commitment All the SAB artists for their performances and pathos All the SAB ravers for their respect an ...

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