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Sunandbass Festival 23.08.2013
And The Winner Is...
We want to thank you all for the great mixes - it was super tough to pick the six finalists from the many entries that we received. But after much deliberation, we finally managed to pick the six that really touched us. We proudly announce that the final of the SUNANDBASS DJ Competition will take p ...

Sunandbass Festival 21.08.2013
Sunandbass 2012 Video
Bringing back the memories of SUNANDBASS 2012. A wet Dj Contest, brilliant live performances and massive clubnights. This is what SUNANDBASS is all about. A very big thank you to Ari and Stevie.

Sunandbass Festival 19.08.2013
The Story Of Sunandbass
"All Crews' author Brian Belle-Fortune has written a beautiful piece about the past and the present of SUNANDBASS. Thank you very much Brian! Read our story on

Sunandbass Festival 14.08.2013
First Part Of The Lineup
It's here, what you've all been clamouring for, Part One of the line up for SUNANDBASS 2013 - and yes, this is only part one!               Get yourselves prepared for, amongst others: A-Sides * Bailey * Calibre * Clarity * D Bridge * Doc Scott * Dom & ...

Sunandbass Festival 14.08.2013
You Can Still Join Us
If you are wondering if it makes sense to travel to SUNANDBASS, even if you didn't get a full week pass, the answer is definitely yes! There are still many options for you to join us! OPTION 1: Single night Tickets There will be single night tickets available each night on the door at Ambra Night a ...

Sunandbass Festival 14.08.2013
Booking Changes And Refunds
Please accept our apologies for any confusion or misunderstanding regarding the name change and refund options. Due to technical limitations, the name change process does not work as originally intended. If anything changes with your booking, please get in touch with us via email at tickets@sunandb ...

Sunandbass Festival 14.08.2013
Sunandbass Podcast #17 - Nymfo
Nymfo steps up to the controls for Podcast #17, get ready! Already well known for his DJing with many years of experience under his belt, Nymfo is also a well respected producer, working closely with Commercial Suicide but not just stopping there, also clocking up releases on seminal labels such as ...

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