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Sunandbass Festival 14.08.2013
Booking Changes And Refunds
Please accept our apologies for any confusion or misunderstanding regarding the name change and refund options. Due to technical limitations, the name change process does not work as originally intended. If anything changes with your booking, please get in touch with us via email at tickets@sunandb ...

Sunandbass Festival 14.08.2013
Sunandbass Podcast #17 - Nymfo
Nymfo steps up to the controls for Podcast #17, get ready! Already well known for his DJing with many years of experience under his belt, Nymfo is also a well respected producer, working closely with Commercial Suicide but not just stopping there, also clocking up releases on seminal labels such as ...

Sunandbass Festival 15.07.2013
Ticket Sale Closed
Please note that we have closed the official online ticket sale. This is to make sure you all enjoy your time with us and we make sure to avoid an overcrowded club. Having said that, there is still the possibility to get into the club each night on the door. But there is no guarantee since it depen ...

Sunandbass Festival 08.07.2013
[2004] Interview For Future Music Germany
This is our first official interview for German speaking online music mag future music. Check out the German version here Read on for the translated version.             SUNANDBASS 2004 On Sardini ...

Sunandbass Festival 08.07.2013
[2009] Kemo Mc - Home Is Where The Heart Is
Check out this personal story from our friend Jimmy Blitz aka Kemo! This was published in German speaking Headliner Mag but translated into English to share with all of you.               Home is where the heart is We live in a small world. And in these he ...

Sunandbass Festival 08.07.2013
[20xx] My Beach Story... From Martina
In order to build up SUNANDBASS back in the hot hot summer of 2003 we lived on the la cinta camping ground for more than two month, directly at the wonderful beach. First thing in the morning we did dive in the sea and all nights we dreamed to it's lullaby. It's not even a question if we wanted to ...

Sunandbass Festival 01.07.2013
Sunandbass Podcast #16 - Jumpat
July's podcast comes from longtime SUNANDBASS resident, Jumpat. Renowned for his eclectic selection and keen eye for the crowd, Patrick Jumpat was bought on board to be a Sardinia resident in 2005 after showing exactly what he could bring to the table. Also busy in the studio, with an EP coming on ...

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