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Sunandbass Festival 29.08.2019
Lunch Programme
Head over to Beach Club La Cinta from Monday 9th till Friday 13th for lunch and a drink at 1PM and tune into "Foundation Radio' - a week long live radio residency in association with Marcus Intalex Music Foundation, chatting with some of our favourite artists about what they know best... music. ...

Sunandbass Festival 29.08.2019
Drink Package
For our partner location Ambra Night we are offering a special drinks deal via TheTicketFairy. Save time and money by pre-purchasing your drink tokens online. Receipts will be handed out during official check-in hours or directly in the night club. You can choose from different types of packages her ...

Sunandbass Festival 06.08.2019
#86 - Arpxp
It's been a little while since we've had our very own ArpXP step up to the controls for a SUNANDBASS podcast, but with his latest EP "Somewhere Else' just screeched out the door here at the label, it felt like the right moment to get him to wheel up for us. Sit back and enjoy 60 minutes of deep, no ...

Sunandbass Festival 31.07.2019
Ticket & Cashless Info
You didn't get lucky and are wondering how you can still be a part of SUNANDBASS 2019? Join us without a ticket! This year we will again have freely accessible day programme at La Cinta Beach Club and Ambra Day. Additionally there will be Single Night Passes sold at the front desk of the club.  Yo ...

Sunandbass Festival 10.07.2019
Sab011 - Arpxp
SUNANDBASS Recordings presents Somewhere Else EP from ArpXP Order now: Somewhere Else EP (digital & vinyl)  /  Limited "Somewhere Else EP' t shirt From stunning beaches, to delivering some of the most pivotal tracks across festival season,SUNANDBASS have he ...

Sunandbass Festival 06.07.2019
#85 Dogger
Long time Manchester crew member Dogger has been craftily building his production skills for a number of years now, learning in the wings from good friends and men of the moment, DRS, Chimpo & the likes. This year he finally sprung on the scene with his debut EP Broken Home, and I needn't reall ...

Sunandbass Festival 04.06.2019
#84 Zero T & Steo
Longstanding Drum & Bass bromance Zero T & Steo grace us with a scorcher of a mix to accompany the ticket release this month. Zero T is one of those producers, and DJs, that time after time finds that beautiful symbiosis of diverse drums, considered vocals.....and growl. It just means every ...

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