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Sunandbass Festival 10.07.2019
Sab011 - Arpxp
SUNANDBASS Recordings presents Somewhere Else EP from ArpXP Order now: Somewhere Else EP (digital & vinyl)  /  Limited "Somewhere Else EP' t shirt From stunning beaches, to delivering some of the most pivotal tracks across festival season,SUNANDBASS have he ...

Sunandbass Festival 06.07.2019
#85 Dogger
Long time Manchester crew member Dogger has been craftily building his production skills for a number of years now, learning in the wings from good friends and men of the moment, DRS, Chimpo & the likes. This year he finally sprung on the scene with his debut EP Broken Home, and I needn't reall ...

Sunandbass Festival 04.06.2019
#84 Zero T & Steo
Longstanding Drum & Bass bromance Zero T & Steo grace us with a scorcher of a mix to accompany the ticket release this month. Zero T is one of those producers, and DJs, that time after time finds that beautiful symbiosis of diverse drums, considered vocals.....and growl. It just means every ...

Sunandbass Festival 01.06.2019
Ticket Sale 2019
The time is here! Get ready for this year SUNANDBASS 2019 Ticket Sale on 5th June 2019 at 10:00 PM CEST via THETICKETFAIRY. ->> Click here to purchase your tickets via THETICKETFAIRY <<- Make sure you are all set up when THETICKETFAIRY comes to visit you: Do you remember your log-in to ...

Sunandbass Festival 26.05.2019
Reunion, Berlin
Calling all SUNANDBASS family: Once again, it's time to reunite! Make your way to Berlin, the hometown of SUNANDBASS makers to join us for a very special night at Ohm Club right underneath Tresor. Line up: Calibre & MC DRS Delicat Forty Soulsurfer MC Soultrain With Calibre & DRS two of t ...

Sunandbass Festival 21.05.2019
In 2019 we are introducing a cashless payment solution at SUN AND BASS together with various local partners in San Teodoro. You might be wondering why we are convinced that especially in our holiday setting it will give us all more peace of mind and create better services: You don't have to worry a ...

Sunandbass Festival 03.05.2019
SUNANDBASS Recordings presents Bravehearts EP from Satl Order now: SAB Shop Satl is a frequent traveler and performer at our events, also taking pride of place within our SUNANDBASS parties, enabling him to debut his music across our wide-ranging fan base. For him to release ...

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