Monday, 23rd August 2010

Boomers are cosmic. Thousands of them have travelled here from the four corners of the world. An estimated 74 nationalities arrived in the first few days…

Serbia, Czech Republic, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Australia, India, Mexico, USA, Ethiopia, France, Spain, the UK, Japan and many more. These are the united tribes of the world.

Boom is home. It?s a place for the family of the world to gather. It consists of one tribe, draped in a million different colours. It?s where you will meet the people you have encountered at previous Booms or met in other parts of the world. The spirit of universal interconnectivity at Boom is stronger than ever as it continues to bring people together. This cosmic playground unites the people who are meant to re-connect. The universe is working its magic at Boom once again.

In the mean time, the site continues to look clean. This is not only due to the work of the eco-teams, but also the conscious approach of the Boomers. Many are making the most of the their portable ashtrays and considering that we are now in day 4 of the festival, the place is looking remarkable.

Tony Andrews, founder of the legendary Funktion One sound gave a talk at the Liminal Zone today. The place was packed out with DJs, sound engineers, technicians, artists, creative people and all those simply fascinated by this revolutionary approach to sound for the human experience. Tony expressed how loud sound distorts the quality. He demonstrated how the frequencies of sound are like colours ? connecting to our divine human nature. The sheer number of people confirmed how important it is to open portals of communication such as the Liminal Zone. The long queue of people that waited in line to ask Tony their individual questions demonstrated the intelligent nature of Boomers and how the festival has evolved to become a unique hub for exploring fresh ideas, learning and knowledge.

As time goes by, it gets easier to navigate the different areas of the festival. The site is structured in such a way that you cross paths with the same people more than once. This is the family spirit that makes Boom, home. The home comes with its creature comforts ? including the decent toilets.

This year?s Boom has eliminated the cliche of the disturbing festival-toilet experience. It has to be one of the predominant reasons behind the gentle spirit and good mood that continues. There are 160 compost toilets situated across the site. A revolutionary alternative to the harrrowing toilet experience evident at many festivals, the toilets are clean, odour-free and easy to use. There is no more fear of the said toilet! We can go, relieve ourselves, feel healthy on the inside and feel free to project our inner light and happiness to the outer world. A healthy body means a happy heart and this is something that is evident in the festival.

This positive mood is evident across many parts of the site. Here?s what a few people had to say today:

?Boom is a playground where you can let your inner child free.? (Alia, Mumba, India)

?I?ve been to many festivals in the UK and I?m very surprised to see how clean the site is. It?s amazing! The place is looking great and I think the message behind the Boom for keeping the environment clean is working.? (Charlotte, UK)

?I?m here to sweat out my shadows and dance away my demons.? (Angela, California, USA)

?Have a good time all the time!? (Jowe, Argentina)

?This is my first Boom and I?m very impressed with the love that?s been put into the different aspects of the festival. It?s been a good, good journey!? (Tash, UK)

And so the journey continues as we travel through time towards the day of the full moon. From the closing ceremonies at the Dance Temple, Ambient Paradise and Sacred Fire ? to the Axis Mundi from the Amsterdam Balloon Company that will declare Boom as the centre of the world: an epic times await. Watch this space…

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