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Boom Festival 19.06.2012
14 Days Until End Of Third Phase Tickets!
Exactly 14 days until the final phase of Boom Festival tickets comes to a close! The third phase of Boom Festival tickets will end on 3 July 2012. This means there is just two weeks left to book your ticket, either online or via a Boom ambassador near you. A "Social Price" will still be available ...

Boom Festival 15.06.2012
Be Part Of The Boom 2012 Official Movie!
Want to be part of the Boom Festival 2012 Official Movie? Then read on... This year, we take 25 percent of Boom off the grid. At the same time, we connect with Boomers around the world that are growing their own food, sourcing their own energy and exploring bio-construction. Are you one of these pe ...

Boom Festival 11.06.2012
Boom Festival - We're Going Off-the-grid!
As the off-grid revolution kicks off across the world, we take 25 percent of Boom off the grid, taking one giant leap towards the future goal of taking the entire festival off the mainstream electrical matrix. From water, bio-construction and energy, to recycling and sanitation: the Boom Environmen ...

Boom Festival 31.05.2012
Boom Land To Host Goa Gil Party On 23 June 2012!
Boom land to host Goa Gil party on 23 June 2012! He's one of the pioneers of the Goa trance style and a legend in his own right. His marathon trance dance events have created his legacy and so we are very happy to welcome Goa Gil to the Boom land for a special celebration on 23 June 2012. Goa Gil ...

Boom Festival 30.05.2012
Share A Lift To Boom!
Cut costs, reduce emissions and make some cosmic connections when you share a lift to Boom. We've just launched an amazing portal that connects you to other Boomers who are travelling to the Boom. You can connect with Boomers that are planning their trip to Boom by registering on the site: www.boom ...

Boom Festival 28.05.2012
Exactly Sixty Days Until Take-off!
Boom is a galactic activation portal and it will be opening in exactly sixty days... This is 2012 and this is Boom! With just 60 days left until take-off, the excitement is building both behind the scenes and across the world as together, we anticipate one of the most epic experiences in the histo ...

Boom Festival 21.05.2012
Boom 2012 Preview - Podcast 07 By Braincell
Boom 2012 Preview - Podcast 07 by Braincell Left click (PC) or Ctrl+click (Mac) to download   Subscribe to the Boom Radio Podcast!   ...with iTunes: Click here to add to iTunes   ...with something else (copy this address):

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