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Songs, choruses, catchy melodies and captivating soundsall make up the DNA of Pop music. Some electronica and dance music also count on these elements, with several artists in the Sónar 2014 line-up seeking (and finding) the perfect combination of both languages.

For example, Yelle. The French singer and leader of the trio of the same name (genuine specialists of sure-firedance floor electropop) will present their new album and show on Saturday 14 at SonarLab (Sónar by Night). Another artist with a pop heart is Dan Snaith, the frontman of Caribou, whose hit "Odessa" remains one of the best pieces of electronic pop in recent times and whose organic live shows include krautrock, psychedelia and house. Sónar will also see him performing new material from his forthcoming LP live on stage.

Woodkid also carries a pop sensibility in his soul. The young French artist (filmmaker and designer as well as musician) favours orchestral arrangements and electronic structures to embellish his emotional pop songs. London's Kieran Hebden has been firmly installed in the pantheon of electronica for many years, and he is recently increasingly interested in the dance floor, but his natural talent for catchy melodies helps explain why Four Tet (his main project) also appeals to a wider indie audience. He will participate twice at Sónar: live on Friday night and djing before the Massive Attack show on the following night. In keeping with Hebden's imagination, Bonobo's music has also won over thousands of fans worldwide with his kaleidoscopic electronica full of delicate harmonies and laid-back approach.

Sónar 2014 features two of the most euphoric and celebratory bands in today's electronic pop: Icelanders FM Belfast and Danish WhoMadeWho, both performing at SonarVillage on Friday 13 and Saturday 14, respectively; music made for sunny afternoons at Sónar.

In addition to Yelle, three other women have pop coursing through their veins. With the help of Jeremy Greenspan (Junior Boys), Jessy Lanza has forged her very own sound, mixing trip-hop, r&b and electronic pop with impressive elegance: her concert at SonarVillage is one of the most anticipated at Sónar by Day. Lykke Li will also skilfully mix styles via songs from her three hit albums, and at Sónar she will present her recently released album "I Never Learn" live. Following in her footsteps will be Danish who powerfully burst onto the European scene with her debut album, which has received plaudits from none other than Diplo and combines just the right doses of hip-hop, funk, pop, dance and trap.

At Sónar by Day we will also be able to enjoy one of the festival's most unique and inspiring groups: Majical Cloudz. The Canadian duo builds their haunting songs using expansive synths, minimalist rhythms and eternally expressive voices. They will perform on Saturday 14 at SonarComplex.

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