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O.z.o.r.a. Festival 20.10.2011
Good Bye Post
After 8 prosperous and joyful events (exactly 7  years!), some of us are leaving the O.Z.O.R.A. organisation: Bubble Balazs, Oleg, Edit, Amin, Alpha, Peter Didjital, the Extradimensional Space Agency, Viki, Csaba, Cuki and their nice friends at the Magic Garden... and many more. Thank you for all ! ...

O.z.o.r.a. Festival 07.09.2011
Ozora 2012 Countdown Page
Some of the fans of the Festival have been doing the "Ozora Online Countdown" website for many years now, and as always the page was ready at the right moment when the dates for year 2012 were out. But this time it is even more special because Ozora's favourite designer-lady helped to add the page ...

O.z.o.r.a. Festival 23.08.2011
Prometheus Live Set 2011
This special live set was recorded at Ozora Festival 2011 in the Chill Temple and now available in high quality sound file for download: During this 1:39h musical journey you will enjoy the full range of Benji's unique productions as ...

O.z.o.r.a. Festival 10.08.2011
Thank You...
...wonderful people who have come and made the festival so special and magical again!! Today the gates have been closed and the valley's nature can start a one year rest and regeneration to show its full beauty for the next summer. We have also one year to prepare the next event, and we really wan ...

O.z.o.r.a. Festival 02.08.2011
Timetable Application For Android Phones
Ozora 2011 timetable for Android phones is online now, thanks to ! ?? Website: Direct Download:

O.z.o.r.a. Festival 31.07.2011
Festival Map

O.z.o.r.a. Festival 29.07.2011
Mahi Murugar from Switzerland has always loved music. He started to listen to Tamil music (Indian Music) when he was seven years old, after some years he learned about trance music, and after that about the existence of Psychedelic Trance Music. He discovered it on a Digitally Imported streaming rad ...

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