Ozora 2012 Countdown Page

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Ozora 2012 - online countdown & music from the past

Some of the fans of the Festival have been doing the "Ozora Online Countdown" website for many years now, and as always the page was ready at the right moment when the dates for year 2012 were out. But this time it is even more special because Ozora's favourite designer-lady helped to add the page a little bit of extra touch...

To make the page even more attractive there are music sets to listen online - that were recorded during the past events - and there will be more artists added regularly (as it is always hard to collect those recordings...) Anyway, you can use it as a special time-zone calendar or as the browser's default home page :)

So please enjoy - the now official - Ozora Festival 2012 Online Count Down Page

Thanks to Edit & Gabcsi!
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