Thank You...

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...wonderful people who have come and made the festival so special and magical again!!

Today the gates have been closed and the valley's nature can start a one year rest and regeneration to show its full beauty for the next summer.
We have also one year to prepare the next event, and we really want to learn and improve the small and big things according to your needs: so your feedback is welcome! We promise to never forget that you are the real heart of Ozora: your dreams, your vibration, your dance and love that connect us in an invisible way.

The unexpected high number of visitors showed us that our dream is shared by many: the re-connection to our real Nature, to the Earth, Moon and Sun, simply through music and dance. The  ritual gathering of all the different tribes with the vision of a lovely new world...

So we hope you had the experience of love, happiness and freedom... See you in 2012!

Love & Light

"The change has begun,
There is peace in my world,
I love my self,
I let go of the past,
I'm open for the change...
Wonderful people in my world,
There is only love.
Thank you for the abundance..."

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