Few Tickets Left For Northside 2014

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The one-day tickets to NorthSide 2014 have been sold out for some time, and we can now report that there are few partout tickets left for this year's event. It is therefore a good idea to buy a NorthSide ticket today if you want to see Arcade Fire, Lana Del Rey, Queens of the Stone Age and all the other fantastic acts in this year's line-up.

The ticket sales have been exceptionally good this year, and since we know that a lot of people wait until the last minute to buy their ticket, we now announce that there are only few tickets left, so people do not wait too long and end up without a ticket.

Last year, NorthSide sold out partout tickets on April 29th - two days before the scheduled price increase on May 1st. This year, the ticket price will also increase, but already a week before we can report that the sales are so good that there will soon be sold out.

Partout tickets to NorthSide 2014 are 1.295,- until May 1st, when the price will increase by 300,-. Tickets can be acquired through Billetlugen.dk.

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