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Bamboo columns of the Dance Temple

“BOOM 2010 will be a juicy, daring exploration of Art, Culture and Beauty”
Suzanne Sterling, Performing At Sacred Fire and Liminal Zone

Dear Boomer

Take a look at Babylon: The world has gone bad. See how shallow human values have become responsible for the decay of the planet, for the annihilation of forests and of biodiversity? Nature is sad. The world has gone mad.

For thousands of generations we humans grew up in nature. Our teachers were flora and fauna. In the last couple generations, we have abandoned
the natural world immersing ourselves in virtual realms. Every day, an estimated 12 billion display ads, three million radio commercials, more than 200,000 TV commercials and an unknown number of online ads and spam emails are dumped into our collective unconscious.

Helping on reclaiming our cognitive freedom today is our imperative at Boom. Re-embrace the values that fauna and flora have been teaching us since time immemorial is our effort to bring the awareness for change tunning in with the universal values of sharing and joy.

Few weeks remain to the gathering of the tribes at Boom 2010.

We update you with some info regarding tickets.

Bamboo columns ready to hit Boom!

"Boom reflects the paradigm shift that is gradually taking place at a global level where outmoded, self-interested thinking is making way for a new spirit of sharing, cooperation and planetary wellbeing. I am happy to be part of that process."
Vandana Shiva, Lecturer at The Drop Area’s Liminal Zone

“Boom 2010 will be… something i have been looking forward to doing for a long time. I came to Boom very early on in its conception, and i do not know if it was my English bad luck, but minutes before i was due to play, the area had its first rainfall in over 20 years! One of the maddest thunder and lightning storm’s I had ever seen. There was no roof over the stage and i was getting electric shocks off of the lights and equipment, i felt doubly bad as I had another gig to travel to straight away and so never got to play? So this time, i am gonna unleash hell on the dancefloor!”
Merv, AKA Eat Static, Performing at Dance Temple

“It is a great honor to play at Ambient Paradise, I feel this Boom will be a really special one…"
Ali Ji, Performing at Ambient Paradise

Communitary work at the Boom gardens


These quotes from Boom 2010 artists break it down and give a glimpse into the collective feeling that is gaining momentum as we approach Boom 2010! It comes from the artists, from the team behind the scenes and most importantly, from the beautiful Boomers that are projecting vibes into what is set to be a special Boom 2010.

So, with great joy in our hearts, we feel the need to assure everybody that we are all in this together. We also feel the need to assure you that regardless of the ongoing torrent of rumours, tickets are not sold out.

Following the sell-out status of the last edition, we are aware that many people are wondering whether or not they will be guaranteed their tickets.

We have had great feedback and success since we first start the ticket sales for this edition. Enthusiasm is big and the response has been inspirational, so we would like to confirm to our beloved Boomers: Relax; there is no reason not to have a Boom ticket because tickets are not sold out.

Boom team members doing morning Yoga

“BOOM 2010 will be a transformative and enlightening experience for thousands, reaching out to millions?!”
Amanda Sage, Featured Painter At The Drop Area’s Visionary Art Gallery

"My live set @ Boom 2006, as well as my 5 hour set in the 2008 Boom After-party, have both been career highlights? So i am very excited to play again this year, in the scene’s most important event – see you on the dancefloor!!!"
Ace Ventura, Performing at Dance Temple

Looks good this view at the Healing!


Back in 1997, when e-tickets and mobile phones were a far cry from the cyber-space age that we live in today, most of the Boom tickets were sold at the gates.

Despite the success we are experiencing with e-ticket sales, we understand that it can be difficult to make plans. So, with this in mind, tickets for Boom 2010 will be available at the Boom gates and you can purchase yours when you arrive.

Thinking about all of you that simply want to come and don?t want to plan in advance, tickets of Boom 2010 are available at the Boom gates.

Sacred Fire stage – work in progress!

“BOOM 2010 will be a chance to experience music as life.”
A Guy Called Gerald, performing at Groovy Beach

“Nowadays it’s seems like there’s a general motivation to gather our energies because a lot of us are tired of Babylon and feel it’s time to express what we have inside throughout Music, Dance, Creativity and Free-thinking. For the four past months, after each Hilight Tribe gig, people tell us "Ok bye! We’ll see you at the Boom…", so the Tribe is getting prepared for some epic moments and full power vibes!”
Hilight Tribe, Performing at the Sacred Fire’s 12hour organic trance jam session

This is the very first column of the Dance Temple


We have started the Boom tickets adventure in December. We have always incorporating all requests from the Boomers to make it easier for them to grant their tickets, by making deadlines flexible.

Now we are approaching the final deadline: July 31st.

The pre-sale of the 3rd phase of Boom tickets runs until July 31st. After this date, tickets will be available only at the gates.

Get Your Boom Tickets


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See You At Boom. Bring Peace, Love and Gratitude

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