Boom Land To Host Goa Gil Party On 23 June 2012!

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Boom land to host Goa Gil party on 23 June 2012!

He's one of the pioneers of the Goa trance style and a legend in his own right. His marathon trance dance events have created his legacy and so we are very happy to welcome Goa Gil to the Boom land for a special celebration on 23 June 2012.

Goa Gil's contribution to psychedelic trance has been phenomenal. Those who have experienced his relentless energy on the decks have been left mesmerised by the mega missions he takes on; playing non-stop for up to 36 hours.

So come join us for an amazing experience with Goa Gil on the Boom land and let's project our collective energy into this special place where Boom will be taking place in just weeks to come!

Tickets at the gate.

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