The Great Escape 2021

From: 12.05.2021 To: 15.05.2021
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The Great Escape 2023

On 13th - 14th May 2021 you can expect a huge snapshot of the best new artists showcasing their talents, plus The Great Escape Conference featuring the CMU conference strands, keynote speakers, panels, talks and debates as well as dedicated facilities for the industry to come together and network - just without the sea air and dashing between our beloved venues into the early hours...

Pop, Post Punk, Punk, Math Folk, Post... mehr
Pop, Post Punk, Punk, Math Folk, Post Pop, Garage Rock, Electronic, Indie Pop, Indie ... close
Category: Bunt Gemischte Festivals
Location: Online
City: Online
Country: Deutschland
Website: The Great Escape


Aby Coulibaly, Ajimal, Albertine Sarges & The Sticky Fingers, Alex Gough, Alexander 23, Alfie Templeman, Allday, Bad Boy Chiller Crew, Bartleby Delicate, Belako, Bess Atwell, Bevan, Bilk, Billie Marten, Bleach Lab, Cat & Calmell, Chaild, Chanka, Cherym, Chloe Foy, Christian Lee Hutson, Chubby And The Gang, Cj Pandit, Conchúr White, Crawlers, Dani Larkin, Dialect, Dilettante, Dulce Y Agraz, Dusky Grey, Eliza Legzdina, Ellie Dixon, English Teacher, Ennio The Little Brother, Eve Owen, Foex & Paulopulus, Francis Of Delirium, Gdjyb, Geese, Genesis Owusu, George Cosby, George O’hanlon, Goan Dogs, Goya Gumbani, Green Gardens, Greta Svabo Bech, Gus Englehorn, Ġenn, Hamish Hawk, Hanya, Haunt The Woods, Hazey Haze, Hello Forever, Hjaltalín, Holding Absence, Holly Humberstone, Hyangni, Iamtheliving, Iman Houssein, Ivy Flindt, Jada, Jaguar Jonze, Jensen Mcrae, Jj Wilde, Joan Thiele, Jodie Marie, Joe & The Shitboys, July Jones, Junodream, Knz, Kaisha, Keep Dancing Inc, Kiddus, Kinkai, Lau.ra, Laura Perrudin, Laura Roy, Lawrence, Leak, Leila Mckenzie, Lime Garden, Lizzie Ried, Lottery Winners, Lucifour M, Mace The Great, Magick Mountain, Malan, Marius Dc, Mass Accord, Megan Wyn, Mei River, Melts, Memes, Merk, Michaela Åberg, Monjola, Moonlight Benjamin, Mysie, Nature Tv, Neone The Wonderer, New Candys, New Pagans, Numnum, Odessey & Oracle, Olivia Is A Ghost, Otzeki, Peach Tree Rascals, Pearl Charles, Penelope Trappes, Planet, Poder Fantasma, Priors, Priya Ragu, Purple Pilgrims, Pva, Pyra, Qlowski, Ralph Tv, Rats, Rayannah, Reb Fountain, Remi Wolf, Robert Grace, Rona Mac, Saiseichu, Sarah Klang, Shakira Alleyne, Sinead O’brien, Sir Chloe, Smoothboi Ezra, Soda Blonde, Sparkling, Sprints, St Woods, Strange Boy, Sunhill, Swim School, T & The Rex, Tayo Sound, Tebi Rex, Teeks, Thallo, The Blaze Velluto Collection, The Chase, The Clause, The Crooks, The Hertz, The Lazy Eyes, The Magic Lantern, The Slow Readers Club, The Zen Arcade, Tito Ramirez, Tomi Saario, Tv Priest, Vanity Fairy, Veps, Vita Bergen, Wax Works, Winnie Raeder, Witch Prophet, Yard Act, Zoe Graham
The Great Escape The Great Escape

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