Tge 2023 Conference Strands Announced

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We are delighted to announce the core strands for our acclaimed conference which will run 10 - 13 May 2023 at the Jury's Inn Brighton Waterfront hotel. Partnering with CMU, the 2023 conference will focus on a different aspect of the music industry each day, with Wednesday 10th May looking at Music + Education, Thursday 11th May focusing on Music + Deals and Friday 12th May giving an overview of Music + The Creator Economy.


CMU and The Great Escape will once again bring together music educators and the music industry to put the spotlight on the best ways to support future music talent, both on-stage and behind the scenes. They will ask questions ranging from the role of educators, career sustainability, building and maintaining supportive frameworks, identifying platforms to elevate educational systems and looking to the future of industry leaders.

Key conversations will include:

? What knowledge and skills do people need to build a fulfilling career in the music industry?
? What does music business education look like in 2023?
? How will the new national plan for music education in England impact on the way music is taught in and around schools?
? What new learning methods and platforms online are educating and inspiring the next generation of music industry talent?


CMU and The Great Escape review how deals are being done in the music business today. The conference day will shine a spotlight on deal-making between artists and their business partners, the evolution of deals over history and the impact of novel technologies on deciding deal viability.

Key conversations will include:

? What are the options for artists when choosing business partners to work with to build businesses and develop revenue streams around their recordings, songs, shows, merchandise and fanbase?
? When it comes to artist deals, what are current industry conventions and how do those differ from country to country?
? How do the industry's deals with different digital platforms compare - and how do those deals work? And how does that impact on how artists and songwriters get paid?
? How do record labels, music publishers and collecting societies interact with technology companies that are developing brand new business models - and how can the industry get better and faster at capitalising on new opportunities?
? How can the industry get more from the brand partnership opportunity?


CMU and The Great Escape will put the spotlight on the wider creator economy. It will dissect and highlight the expanding armoury of tools, platforms and marketplaces that enable us to write, record and share music. It will touch on generating income, the details of the creator economy and growing fanbases through multi-platform strategies.

Key conversations will include:

? How are music-makers utilising digital tools, platforms and communities - including the marketplaces for beats, stems and samples - to build their businesses, streamline their creative processes, and generate new revenues?
? For frontline artists, how can these tools be used to grow the fanbase and enhance the fan relationship, and in doing so generate new revenue streams?
? How are music-makers using these platforms to build brands within the music community, and to find and facilitate collaborations, commissions and revenue-generating opportunities?
? What can the music community learn from the wider world of online creators? How are YouTube and TikTok creators, podcasters and gamers evolving their businesses? How are they using memberships, merch sales, digital gifting and brand collaborations to generate new income around their content, and how can this inform the businesses of music-makers?

The Great Escape Conference is open to anyone who has a delegates pass. Delegate passes can be purchased here

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