Italy Announced As Lead Country Partner For Tge23

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Announcing Italy as our lead country partner for TGE23!

We're delighted to have Italy as our lead country partner for TGE23. As part of the partnership Italia Music Export will organise and host a special showcase at TGE23 which will feature some of the best and most exciting emerging talents coming out of Italy.

Stand by for more announcements coming soon about the exciting collaboration between The Great Escape and Italia Music Export at The Great Escape 2023...

Nur Al Habash, Italia Music Export commented " We're really happy and excited to have Italy as the lead country at The Great Escape 2023. We've been working on exporting Italian music since 2018 and have already achieved great exposure for our artists. We've been experiencing a renewed interest in our music scene (perhaps this has something to do with Måneskin becoming world famous, I suppose!) so we hope TGE23 will be a great occasion for British music professionals to discover some up-and-coming artists from Italy."

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