Ticket Sale 2019

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The time is here! Get ready for this year SUNANDBASS 2019 Ticket Sale on 5th June 2019 at 10:00 PM CEST via THETICKETFAIRY.

->> Click here to purchase your tickets via THETICKETFAIRY <<-

Make sure you are all set up when THETICKETFAIRY comes to visit you:

  • Do you remember your log-in to your TICKETFAIRY account?
  • Is your method of payment still valid?
  • Do you have all personal details of friends you may be booking for?
  • Is the WiFi working??
  • Did you set your alarm according to your time zone?
  • Have you acquaint yourself with our applying terms & conditions?

There will be two types of SUNANDBASS tickets for sale on a first come, first serve basis:

  • Full Week Pass at Eur239
  • Single Night Pass at Eur35

You can purchase up to six Full Week or Single Night passes at a time for you and your friends. Just make sure you have their names, date of birth and email addresses ready. 

Single Night Passes can only be purchased one night at a time. If you are interested in more nights you must repeat the process. We do not pre-sell Single Night Passes for 7th and 14th September 2019.

For any further questions regarding our ticket sale and return policy please check out our terms & conditions as well as our FAQ.

We wish you all good luck and looking forward to seeing all of you in September!

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