Sab Sold Out? Don't Panic!

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Please note that we have closed the official online ticket sale. This is to make sure you all enjoy your time with us and we make sure to avoid an overcrowded club. Having said that, we have a couple of opportunities for you to still join us at SUNANDBASS 2012 so don't worry...





OPTION 1: Week Tickets

We will sell a limited amount of full week tickets at Al Faro Check-In on Friday 31 August and Saturday 1 September as long as these are available. Please come early on Friday when the official Check-In opens to make sure you get your full week ticket.
Check our FAQ for  for Check-In opening times...

OPTION 2: Daily Tickets

There will be single daily tickets available at the door at Ambra Night. We cannot guarantee entrance at this stage but will have the flexibility to decide during the night depending how busy it is. So please come to the club as early as possible if you are planning to attend single specific nights!

OPTION 3: Free SAB Beach events

Although some daytime programme locations like Bal Harbour are limited in space and therefore exclusive to SUNANDBASS wristband owners, there are a still some events outside of the club where you can join without a ticket. Full schedule will be published before the event. Feel free to join us where possible to enjoy the quality program we've put together for you.

Couple of important points to notice as well...

Please note that we do not take reservation requests via email or Facebook! Please choose one of the above options to join us for SUNANDBASS 2012.

Unofficial Ticket purchases:
Please avoid purchasing tickets outside of who is our official ticketing parter for 2012. We cannot guarantee that you will get your festival wristband if tickets are purchased on eBay or elsewhere.

Ticket refund:
Please note that you still qualify for a refund of your tickets if you do not need them! You can only do this directly with etix and it will help those who are still trying to purchase full week tickets. The deadline to request this is 31st August 2012.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming all of you in San Teodoro in a couple of weeks! As always, we are as excited as you to reunite or meet for the first time in beautiful Sardinia and spend a whole week at our special event. As mentioned above don't worry about not getting into the club but please understand at the same time that we cannot guarantee entrance if you have not bought a ticket during the ticket sale.

See you soon!

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