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we are almost there and for those of you that have the SUNANDBASS itch and have been unconsciously dressing in shades of orange for the past few weeks, these short video snippets might just be hitting you at the right time...


See how our friend and fellow comrade Jumpat works his magic on the Ambra Night dancefloor...a bit of twisting, touching, waving, nodding and TA DAHHH you are all in a hypnotic SUNANDBASS state!


One of the sexiest sets in 2011, Kryptic Minds inspires some of the best bass faces we have seen to date..can't wait to bass face with you guys in September!


Marky and Stamina (and a very geeky looking SPY) take Ambra Night back to the golden age of jungle... Check our YouTube Channel for more videos


Check out the short clip of the 2011 DJ Competition where both winners and losers enjoy a little luxurious dip in Bal Harbour style!

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