Sónar And The Sorigué Foundation Announce The First Sonarplanta

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SonarPLANTA is the joint initiative by Sonar and the Sorigué Foundation which is being launched this year, to be held over the next three years and which aims to foster and celebrate research and experimentation with creative languages based around technology and new media art. The project will invite three internationally renowned artists to submit a proposal for a new creation that experiments with creative languages and technology. The selected artist will receive the prize of the production of the piece that will be premiered each year in the new SonarPLANTA space.

PLANTA is the new headquarters of the Sorigué Foundation and the Sorigué Group which has just been presented at the 14th Biennale di Venezia. This artistic and business project is surrounded by an industrial landscape and will be the basis of inspiration for the creation of the works presented at SonarPLANTA.

unidisplay, by Carsten Nicolai
In 2014, as a precursor to this three-year collaboration which will continue in 2015, 2016 and 2017, SonarPLANTA features one of the most important explorers of digital aesthetics in art, Carsten Nicolai (born Chemnitz, Germany, 1965). At Sónar+D, the German artist will be presenting the

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