Roadburn 2010 Audio Streams Now On Line: Performances By Sons Of Otis (performing Templeball), Night Horse, Fatso Jetson And More!

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We are pleased to announce that VPRO 3voor12, which is the leading cultural media network in the Netherlands, has posted more additional on-demand audio streams for your Roadburn 2010 listening pleasure.

Online now! Performances by Sons of Otis (performing Templeball), Night Horse, Fatso Jetson, Oceana Company and more are currently available on-demand. Enjoy!

Formed in Toronto as Otis in 1992, Sons of Otis has followed Detroit-born guitarist Ken Baluke?s original vision to play thick sludge riffs underpinned by a pounding rhythm section and heavily reverbed vocals. The result is slow, spacey, hypnotic blues rock, seemingly too heavy to be real.

1999?s Templeball easily ranks among the best albums that Sons of Otis ever put out, and definitely qualifies as one of the very best stonerrock albums of all time, too. The band played this mile (high) stone of a record  at Roadburn 2010, in addition to a regular show.

In other related news, Online now! Performances by Church of Misery ( Main Stage, Friday, April 16th), Church of Misery (Roadburn Afterburner), Ancestors, Altar of Plagues, Monarch!, Karma To Burn (Friday, April 16th, Midi Theatre), Mouth of The Architect, Suma, Troubled Horse andWitchfynde.

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