013 Exhibition: Nona Limmen

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As always, Roadburn shows the works of talented visual artists throughout the festival site. The thrilling exhibition "Where Shadows Grow" by Nona Limmen will be hung throughout the 013 venue, highlighting her dreamlike and thought-provoking images that explore ideas of mythology, symbolism, the occult, psychology, and shadow work.

Nona tells us:

"'An homage to the twilight hour, a time of growing darkness where shadows slowly cover what once was a bright world. In the dark, everything is as your mind makes it. Anything could be on the other side, but don't worry, you won't get lost in this dark.

" This exhibition explores how nostalgia, the collective unconscious and dark escapism can faultlessly entangle with each other, to create an immersive journey that projects precisely that. These themes drive my work. They represent the hidden elements of human nature, the unconscious parts of our personality we all carry with us but try to actively keep in check. All artworks showcased at Roadburn will serve as an invitation to connect with that macabre feature that lurks within all of us.''

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