Christmas Tree In Memory Of The Pukkelpop Victims

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In memory of the victims of the Pukkelpop storm,
you can hang a Christmas ball and a message
in the Christmas tree near the Kiewit church until the end of the
Christmas holidays, Sunday 8th January 2012.
The church is situated along Kempische Steenweg, opposite the
Pukkelpop grounds. The church vestibule will be open from
9 a.m. till 5 p.m.
Mayor Hilde Claes:
In these final days of the year, our hearts go out to the parents,
relatives, friends and acqaintances of all those who died or were injured in the Pukkelpop storm.
In cooperation with the Pukkelpop organizers and Kiewit parish we have put up a Christmas tree near Kiewit church, opposite the festival grounds. We hope from the bottom of our hearts that all people concerned will find comfort in this small gesture of sympathy.
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