Festival Primer: Weather And Safety

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Dear festivalgoers,

Due to the current, sensitive situation, we the organisers would like to say a few words: We have always taken and continue to put your safety and security first at our festivals and events, without exception. We have long been aware of our responsibilities both this year and in past years, which is why we are in constant touch with relevant security authorities all year round and keep a careful eye on all the relevant issues: before, during and after an event. Our precautions include not only weather conditions and fire protection, but also preparing for possible attack scenarios and grounds evacuations that may arise as a result.

It is important that everyone - each and every one of us - looks after one other, takes care of each other, stays attentive and ready to help. This means that it is immensely important that you follow our security precautions, but also that you report situations that seem odd or dangerous to you.

All of us can do our part to pull together and personally contribute to our mutual safety and security. We're stronger together!

We ask you to take the time to read the safety guidelines and instructions on our website or on the official app. Look them over and take them to heart. Please do not hesitate and contact us at any time by e-mail before the festival, or speak to a team member in person on the festival grounds.

Thanks for your attention; we're looking forward to an unforgettable weekend with you!

Your Melt Team


Festival primer:

Entrance inspections, backpacks & bags on the festival grounds

This year, we reserve the right to carry out a more stringent security check at the entrance to the campgrounds and to the festival site itself. There will be no rucksack- or bag-ban on the festival grounds, but we would like to point out that carrying bags and backpacks can lead to longer waiting times at the entrance.

Tip: To avoid longer waiting times at the entrance to the festival site, we advise you to check your things at the cloakroom or put them in the lockers directly in front of the entrance to the festival grounds. You can reserve a locker here in advance.


Bottles, drinking containers, Tetra Pak containers on the festival grounds

Only sealed, max. 1.5-litre Tetra Pak containers (containing non-alcoholic beverages) will be permitted on the festival grounds. Glass and PET bottles as well as other drinking containers will be taken from you at the entrance.


Dangerous items on the campgrounds

Dangerous items such as car batteries, methylated spirits, grill briquettes, gas bottles (conventional camping stoves are allowed!) but also things such as dry ice, for example, are best left at home. Otherwise, these items will be taken from you at the entrance to the camping area.


Medical care
Sufficient paramedics and doctors from the German Red Cross will be on site to handle any medical emergencies that might arise. Please keep an eye out for the medical tents or look for the orientation system to guide you there, both at the festival and on the campgrounds. Go to the nearest security staff member if you need help!
Please always keep escape paths on campgrounds clear for the Red Cross!

Medical emergency

If you have a medical emergency, call 112 (the emergency number in Germany) or seek out the nearest security staff member. If it is a medical emergency, the on-site paramedics will be alerted at the same time. Do not hesitate to report anything that strikes you as strange, even if you are not sure whether it is actually an emergency.


If you do call 112 or need to report something to paramedics, prepare to answer the following questions:

-Where is the patient located?

-What happened?

-How many are injured?

-What injuries do they have?

-Who is calling (your name is enough - 112 sees the number automatically, you cannot "block" the caller number!)?

-Wait for follow-up questions!

You can also help someone yourself, even if you have no medical training:

-See to your own safety before helping others. If there is no danger to you, then begin administering first aid. Be calm - stay with the person: Injured people are usually frightened and need to be assured that help is on the way.

-Ask other people to assist you and guide emergency services if necessary - an ambulance is on the way, or a team of paramedics is heading there on foot.

-Create a privacy screen so that the injured person does not feel stared at by strangers. This is an important issue for many injured people.



As nice as campfires may be, open fires are prohibited on the entire festival grounds. Dry climate and sparks can very quickly lead to fire.
-If you notice open fire, like a campfire, please report it to security staff immediately.

-If something has caught fire, please see to your own safety first, keep calm, and take decisive action.


If you dial 112 or report a fire to security staff, please be prepared to answer the following questions:

-Where is the fire?

-What is on fire?

-Is anyone injured? If so, how many people?

-How many injuries do those affected have?

-Who is reporting the fire?

-Wait for follow-up questions!



Please only splash around and swim in the designated swimming areas, where lifeguards will be on hand in case of emergency. Swimming is prohibited in all other areas. And please keep the following in mind:

-Do not go into the water if you are drunk. Please look after yourself, but also other people!

-Immediately get out of the water, or do not go into the lake if a storm or bad weather should roll in.

Do not use conventional shower gels and shampoos in the lake; they are not bio-degradable and harm the environment.


Weather & storms



Blue skies and sunshine can make it easy to forget some essential things:

-Please always drink enough water to keep your body hydrated, both during the day and at night. Free drinking water is available both at the campsite and on the festival grounds.

-Wear plenty of sunscreen, and make sure it has a high protection factor.

-If the sun is intense, think to wear a sunhat or head covering, as well as light clothing to cover the skin.



-Anyone heading to any festival would do well to bring rubber boots, raincoats or ponchos.

-Water and electricity don't mix. Not even at a festival. If it rains, make sure that you don't have any cables, power outlets, etc. lying in puddles.



If a storm or a thunderstorm does come in, follow any instructions from the organiser and security staff members!


In case of thunderstorm, head to your car

Please go to your car during a thunderstorm or any other protected area, because tents are not a safe place to wait them out. If you have room in your vehicle, offer other visitors a place if you notice that they do not have a car. Turn on your rear fog lamps if possible to alert others that there is room in your car. Please watch out for and support one another!


Don't have a car?

If you have come to the festival without a car, look for the bus stops: we offer shelter in our shuttle buses. Also look out for free seats in other visitors' cars and ask whether you can join them.


Avoid trees and branches

Please keep a distance from trees and wooded areas: lightning can strike trees, branches can break, fall off and cause injury.


Secure tents

Always makes sure your tents are properly secured when you leave them. This also applies to loose objects around the tent.
Avoid elevated areas, go to low areas

If you cannot find shelter (e.g. a car) in time, pay attention to the following:

-Avoid elevations or high points: lightening always goes to the highest spot in the area.

-If possible, look for hollows or depressions in the ground and go into a squat position with your feet together


Diggers and structures on the grounds

Stay away from any structures such as light poles, info-towers, etc. on the festival- and camping grounds. Of course we will observe all safety regulations and all structures will have been checked and approved by the competent authorities, but there is still some risk. This also applies to the large tents where we offer a variety of services: in case of storms and thunderstorms, we ask that you leave the tent immediately, especially since these are usually closed first.


Metal pipes, fences etc.
Please avoid any form of metal pipework and fences during thunderstorms.


Evacuating the grounds

In case of (anticipated) extreme weather conditions, we reserve the right to evacuate the festival grounds or open them later for safety reasons. If there is such a situation, we ask you to please:

-Follow all directions and information given by the organiser, security staff and helpers

-Maintain personal safety, preserve peace and act conscientiously

-Look after your fellow human beings and other festivalgoers: take care of and support one another.

-If the grounds are being evacuated, look for the closest (emergency) exits indicated by security staff.

-Please immediately make your way to your cars and await further instruction

-Offer other festival visitors a place in your car if you have extra room; turn on your rear fog lamps to let others know.

-If you do not have a car, look for shelter in the shuttle busses

-Look for the latest on our official information- and social media channels, as well as news from security staff

 We are often asked why the campgrounds are safer than the festival site itself in the event of a storm: The festival site generally contains large structures that can be an additional risk in poor weather conditions. There is also a greater risk of lightening striking the stages, large superstructures and diggers in Ferropolis.

We hope you have a great festival with your friends and always remember to take care of yourself and others. Be there for one another! And if you are not sure or have any questions, please feel free to ask our security staff and helpers anytime. Better too many questions than too few.

Have fun,

Your Festival Team

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