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? Burning Mountain 2024 Pre-Sale Alert ?

Hey Cosmic Wanderers, Starship Astronauts, and Sacred Geometry Enthusiasts!

Get your third eyes focused and your chakras aligned because we've got news hotter than a solar flare! The universe has spoken, and it said, "Duuuude, presale for Burning Mountain 2024 starts SOON!"

That's right, humans and extra-terrestrials alike! The most transcendental, astral-oozing, mountain-shaking psytrance festival is back in the Swiss Alps! Dates? June 27-30, 2024. Location? in Zernez, right in the holy Swiss Alps. A spot so sacred even the mountain goats have learned to dance.

And because we know you're all about that perfect synchronicity: the presale starts on October 10, 2023, at 10.10 AM LOCAL TIME. That's a lot of 10s, folks, so you know it's gonna be a 10/10 experience!

It's like the cosmic DJ lined up the beat just right?10:10 PM, on 10/10. (The only way it could be more aligned is if we started at 11:11, but we didn't want to mess with your wish-making schedule.) ?

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Put on your favorite psytrance playlist.
  2. Do a ritual dance around your WiFi router for good internet connection.
  3. Channel your inner shaman to harness the powers of the virtual cart.
  4. Be READY at 10 PM CET on October 10 to click faster than a darkpsy BPM. ?

Don't miss out! There are limited "Early Astral Traveler" tickets that come with a free soul cleansing and a kaleidoscopic aura upgrade. (Okay, maybe not, but they are discounted, and that's almost as good, right?) ?

Dust off your spaceship, pack your best unicorn onesie, and come ready to dance like no one?or everyone?is watching!

Let's trance-form reality together!

Peace, Love, and Infinite Cosmic Bass Drops, The Burning Mountain Crew ???

P.S. No mountain goats were harmed in the making of this festival. But some were seen vibing. ??

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