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Rock Herk 07.07.2011
Rock Herk Unveils
To make your life at a festival a lot more comfortable, Rock Herk offers you some free and convenient tools. On the website you can download a pdf with the timetable of the line-up. This to avoid missing your favorite band or dj. Rock Herk aknowledges the digital revolution and foresees an app for ...

Rock Herk 14.06.2011
Rock Herk Has Finished Its Homework
Rock Herk, being one of the most self-willed music festivals, presents each year a diverse line-up. Most of the bands had confirmed already a while ago. But also the gaps are being filled with musical acts of high quality. You might have heard it on Studio Brussel: SABREPULSE, who never appears wit ...

Rock Herk 08.06.2011
Rock Herk Starts With Online Advance Bookings
which might sound strange for a festival that has free access already for 28 years. Lately, Rock Herk became the victim of its own success. Each year, more people come to Rock Herk and the campsite was often sold out even before the start of the festival. And each year, the organisation foresees th ...

Rock Herk 13.05.2011
More Names
Rock Herk, which is often considered as one of the best alternative music festivals in Belgium, announces more new names for the 2011 edition. A mix of local talent, Belgian promising bands and some international alternative artists are added to the already international line up. If you are still ...

Rock Herk 28.04.2011
New Names Friday
Dear rock fans, It's about time to announce some powerful names for our line-up on Friday. It was already looking good, with acts such as Brodinski, Friction, N-type and Mumbai Science. They now get the company of following party animals: BURAKA SOM SISTEMA (LIVE) Buraka Som Sistema mix Angoli ...

Rock Herk 16.04.2011
Your Demise Mist Rock Herk
De jongens van Your Demise weten blijkbaar niet wat voor een feest Rock Herk is. Meteen nadat we het nieuws van hun komst bekend maakten liet het management weten dat de gemaakte afspraak toch niet kan doorgaan. Zoals u Rock Herk kent weet u dat we reeds op zoek zijn naar een waardige vervanger. ...

Rock Herk 06.04.2011
New Names
Since years, Rock Herk is an alternative festival for young and old people, for fans of rock and dance. We don't have the biggest names nor great marketing campaigns, but we show quality and create a nice atmosphere, with bands from our own soil and outside the country frontier. The past years we al ...

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