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To make your life at a festival a lot more comfortable, Rock Herk offers you some free and convenient tools. On the website you can download a pdf with the timetable of the line-up. This to avoid missing your favorite band or dj.

Rock Herk aknowledges the digital revolution and foresees an app for smartphones. Here you find the timetable, information on the bands, the festival site and so on. You can download this app on the website.

The sale for tickets for the campsite and for drink coupons is going well. Campsite C1 is sold out, and C2 and C3 are becoming more popular as well. More information and conditions for sale you'll find on this website.

If you stay on the campsite, we have a surprise for you! Since 1983, Rock Herk specialises in discovering unknown talent. Together with the local secondary school Sint-Martinus we're building a dance stage on the campsite. On Friday and Saturday local dj's can show their talent before the festival site opens.

And to finish it all off: if you want to visit the festival in style, we have something for you. Discover here the latest Rock Herk merchandise and fashion line on our website. No more excuses to bring along your Homer Simpson shirt.

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