Rock Herk Starts With Online Advance Bookings

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which might sound strange for a festival that has free access already for 28 years.

Lately, Rock Herk became the victim of its own success. Each year, more people come to Rock Herk and the campsite was often sold out even before the start of the festival. And each year, the organisation foresees the necessary extra space and infrastructure for the 30.000 visitors. To avoid problems, from this year on, Rock Herk enlarges the campsite.

The campsite will be divided in different zones. To avoid the traditional rush, you can buy campsite tickets in advance online. These tickets will be cheaper. You can still buy campsite tickets at the entrance but they will cost more. When you buy your ticket in advance, you are able to select on which campsite you want to spend the night, so be quick.

On the festival, the queues to buy drink coupons grew bigger and bigger. Therefore we introduce an online advance booking system. Visitors who don't like waiting in the queue can buy cheaper drink coupons online. Prices at the pay-desk remain unchanged.

Rock Herk also invests in extra space and security on the campsites and the festival. Rock Herk 2011 will be a great party for each visitor!

More information on these tickets and conditions: see 'Tickets'.

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