Tge Celebrates International Women's Day

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The Great Escape Festival is proud to celebrate International Women's Day. Championing upcoming female artists is at the forefront of what we do and we feeling immensely proud to continue this for TGE 2022 with around 60% of our line-up being made up female lead artists or acts featuring female members.

Last week we announced our latest wave of acts joining in Brighton this May, which included more of the most exciting upcoming female artist from around the world. Such as Australian alternative musician Stella Donnelly, genre bending vocalist Chrissi, metal inspired singer-songwriter Cassyette, Austro-British folk singer Alicia Edelweiss, sister duo Cartel Madras, Irish rapper Aby Coulibaly and many many more!

Get a glimpse into these and all the other wonderful female artists coming to TGE 2022 by checking our International Women's Day playlist below:

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