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With an ever growing arsenal of original productions, a host of exclusive tunes from the hottest producers around the world, all held down by meticulous mixing and track selection, Iris is a force to be reckoned with.

Q. What tunes are you listening to at the moment and why?

A. One thing I've noticed recently is a huge influx of some newer, but very talented producers. We've been keeping an eye on labels like Delta9, Overview, Sofa Sound, Guidance, etc. who are breaking through a lot of these artists. I've been really impressed with the quality of tracks coming out so hard to pick. A lot of recent sets have included tracks from SD, HLZ, Kiril, Sweetpea, Missledz, Lovely, Homemade Weapons, Brain, Kyrist, Ill Truth, Genic, Klippee, Pyxis, Trex, Philth, Kid Drama, Creatures, Molecular, Was A Be, Wingz, Waeys, etc, etc. I  Know I'm leaving a lot out so apologies! A lot of really good tracks to pick from these days, I'm finding there's a lot of creativity and quality production.

 Q. From your perspective, how have things changed for womxn in the drumandbass community in recent years? What would be your hopes going forward?

 A. It's really amazing how things seem to be blowing up in terms of supporting womxn in the scene. My first release was almost 10 years ago and seeing womxn behind the decks and producing wasn't particularly common and there definitely wasn't a push to try and get them more involved. Now there are loads more Djs, producers, event promoters, label runners, etc. It feels like labels are putting more effort into figuring out how to get womxn involved and support them, something that's really come about in the last couple years. Special thanks really needs to go to EQ50 for doing some huge legwork to make a lot of this happen along with all the womxn in the scene who have been pushing through boundaries over the years to make some great music happen. 

I hope we are able to stay on this trajectory, I know it's not perfect yet, but I see a lot of promise and I think the more diverse we're able to make the scene the better it will continue to get. This means diversity in races as well as genders. 

 Q. 2020 has been a tough year for a lot of us, has it affected your creative output in any way? Is there something that you learned or rediscovered about yourself during this time? 

A. My partner, Quadrant and I have actually been more productive this year than in recent years. The lockdowns have given us some time to rearrange our studio and workflow which has helped a lot with creativity. Since gigs for us have always been few and far between the lack of them due to lockdown hasn't killed our creative output like some people have reported. We've always worked without the expectation of getting to test tunes on a rig or in front of a crowd, that's usually a bonus.


DJ wise I've been able to spend more time on my skills as well. We'd already been playing around with 3-4 decks and now I am fully dedicated to it. Through livestreams I've been able to be a lot more creative in playing whatever I'm feeling vs. what I think might go over well with a crowd. I've gotten to do a few themed sets which have been fun as well, like strictly rollers/no rollers, liquid, neurofunk, minimal, etc. as well as getting some sets out of the genres I play on the side like UKG and techno/tech house. Playing a lot more outside my comfort zone has helped so I think when gigs do come back I'll be at the top of my game dj wise and hopefully the same goes for our tunes! 

Q. And now some total fantasy here... If by some magic, a miracle happened tonight while you were sleeping and when you wake in the morning the

the world is in a much better and happier place. What would that look like for you? 

A. much room for things to be better, especially in 2020. I'd say first of all it would be nice to wake up to a world where Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell never existed. There would be no more pandemic obviously. I'd love a world where science is believed, black lives matter, art is considered essential, people are paid what they are worth and healthcare is a right not a privilege. 



twitter: @irisdnb


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