Dj Competition 2016 - Finalists!

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We're excited to announce this year's 6 DJ competition finalists! A jury of 7 experts went through the 80+ mixes and carefully selected the Top 6 DJ talents. It took a while to listen through more than 3 thousands minutes of music but it was time well spent.

So this years finalists are:
Dip Vertigo
M-zine & Scepticz

Next to the ultimate reward of playing at SUNANDBASS on stage and being part of the official line up we have some great prizes lined up for the finalists. Sponsors will be announced later this week.

Join us in congratulating the 6 lucky winners of this first round of the competition. We're looking forward to the finals taking place on 9 September 2016. More details to follow.

A big thank you to all our past contestants and winners!
Check out some of the mixes from our previous winners here.

FYM from Switzerland, 2015 winner
Phase from Belgium, 2014 winner
DJ Ascension, 2013 winner


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