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Having finally recovered from an absolutely fantastic week on beautiful Sardinia we wanted to give a shout out to all of you who made it to SUNANDBASS 2012! This year's edition had it all: sunshine, heavy rain, last minute location changes, newcomers and legends alike... As usual no year is like the previous and it's you the people who make this a great experience every time we meet up at this little Italian town called San Teodoro. With numerous visitors from literally all over the world - from various countries in Europe to America, Russia and New Zealand - the audience was more diverse than ever this year which we really love about our festival. It's this unique vibe that let's visitors as well as artists fall in love with with the event the minute they enter the world of SUNANDBASS.

Being sold out for full week tickets before event it was clear that this would be another one to remember. A very big thank you to the crew who worked very hard to make the week enjoyable for all of you and we hope you all enjoyed this as much as we did! Thanks to all the DJs and MCs who have put a lot of energy and dedication to make the event as special as it will always be.

Thank you also for sharing all your nice pictures, stories and feelings about SUNANDBASS 2012. You are truly inspiring! Watch out for some official video footage to be shared soon. For now we remain with some great memories which will take us through the cold winter days to come.

Take care,

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